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Priest Lake has lots of outdoor activities to offer and they are all close to Coolin Motel!

Water skiing



ATV Motorsports




        Start out at

               located in Coolin you can Rent            (208) 691-3719


                 12 Passenger Tower Boat               Skis

                 Ski Boat                                        Bicycles

                 Wake Bords                                   snowmobiles



                  Rent a room at Coolin Motel

                 and receive $50.00 off 

                 Boat rental















        The Prest Lake stretches 1000 square miles from the lowland wetlands to the 7,600-ft peaks of the

Selkirk mountain range. Between you will find old growth ceader forests, small lakes and waterfalls, lots of wildlife, and very friendly natives. Here are a few suggestions you mghit like:


Visit the Museum and Visitors Center in Luby Bay for a look at the lake's rich history. It is open from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. daily throughout the summer.


Tour the Entree Galley on Reader Bay Road. Featured showings of regional artists.


Stop by Ardy's Cafe and pick up a sack lunch and paddle through the thoroughfare to Upper Priest Lake.


Bring along a set of clubs and tackle the beautiful Priest Lake Golf Course. Call (208) 443-2525 for tee times.


Pick up a map of hiking trails from the US Forest Service Priest Lake Ranger Station on

Highway 57 or go to the Idaho lands Dept. on Cavanaugh Bay Rd.

Consider the beautiful Navigation Trail from Beaver Creek to Upper Priest.


Roosevelt Grove of Ancient Cedars Scenic Area

A unique area of old-growth cedar named for President Theodore Roosevelt, 14 miles north of Nordman. These giants range from 4 to 12 feet in diameter and reasn heights of 150 feet.

Average age estimated at 800 years, with a few reaching back 2000-3000 years. There is a one-mile loo trail along th creek that leads you to a viewpoint of the lower cascading over a sher rock wall.


Americn Falls

Near the canadian border, the Upper Priest Lake flows over a rock outcrop to form a stunning wall

of white water, also known as upper Priest Falls.


Hanna Flats

The nature trail takes visitors on a short walk through a ceader grove that survived the 1926 fire, burning over 80,000 acres in the Prest Lake area. Located near the USFS ranger station.


Hunt Lake

A small mountain lake at the base of Gunsight Peak. Access trailhead from the Horten Creek Road via the East Shore Road.


Hughes Ridge Lookout

A panoramic view from the crow's nest at 45-ft above the top of the world. Drive 16 miles on forest service roads then hike about 1/2 mile to see Upper Priest Lake, Hughes Meadows, and surrounding ridges.


Consider a fishing trip for trophy-sized Mackinaw with a expert guide.


Huckleberry picking season is July through August. Find your own secret spot for picking,

or just stop at ardy's Cafe in Coolin and grab a huckleberry pie.


The Vinther- Nelson Historic cabin is located on 8-mile island and is accessible by boat. The cabin was built in the late 1800's


Take a ride down the rock slides at the Lon Head Campground on the east side.


FOOD! Enjoy Friday Nite authentic Thai Food or saturday nite prime rib at Ardy's Cafe in Coolin.




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